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Week Long Camps 2017

5 consecutive days of goalie specific training on and off the ice (9am-4pm everyday). Consists of 13 hours on ice instruction, off ice dry-land, yoga, classroom, discussion, nutrition, and video analysis. Goalies will learn it all at this camp from basic fundamentals, to advanced game situations. This is a well rounded training opportunity that puts emphasis on all areas of learning (classroom, off ice, and on ice). Goalies will have a greater knowledge and understanding of the position as a whole by the end of the week. Week long camps are also open to all ages. Each goalie will be grouped with other goalies of matching age and skill level. This gives each goaltender the opportunity to gain the most during each camp.

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DDP 2017

1-2 month long program where the focal point is designed towards the individuals on ice development, 2-3 times per week. This program is demanding and is designed for the dedicated goaltender who is looking for consistent training all summer long. Goalies will participate in mostly on ice session, with a few off ice sessions. Each Ice time will consist of goalie specific warmup, drills, conditioning, technique, and demos. Focus will be put on quickness, explosiveness, elimination of bad habits, developing a consistent save selection, and goaltender conditioning. Each week there will be shifted emphasis on stick handling and conditioning, save selection and movements. Springs sessions are great for HP Prep! All DDP sessions will be located at Bloomington Ice Garden for 2017!

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Devenir Elite

Devenir Elite delivers a year-round exclusive VIP training experience. Our goaltenders will achieve their goal of becoming the top of their class through a combination of on-ice development, goaltender-specific strength training, flexibility training through yoga and mobility sessions, and instruction in nutrition/supplementation.

Devenir Elite is broken down into 2 phases: The Winter Elite Phase and the Summer Elite Phase.

Since the Winter Elite Phase runs alongside the actual hockey season, the focus is on fine-tuning the goaltenders' skills through a combination of targeted methods. Our main goal is to make sure each goaltender is at the top of their game when playoffs arrive. This means goaltenders who are: Efficient. Healthy. Recovered. Confident.

During the Summer Elite Phase, goaltenders will be pushed to their limits while making key changes to their games. The off-season is the time when goaltenders are able to make big changes, refine skills and establish new efficient habits. The Summer Elite Phase will be very demanding both mentally and physically. Goaltenders will: Prepare. Develop. Strengthen. Build.

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